Derek’s outBOX – 5/16/22

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Derek’s outBOX – 5/16/22


  1. Today is an historical day at Volk Packaging. Mike Allen was hired on August 5, 1980.   That was an amazing 15,259 days ago, which means he has broken the record of longest employment set by John Jeffers when he retired in 2014.  We will be celebrating this impressive milestone at our Memorial Day cookout on May 26
  2. Travis and I had a meeting this morning with XXX. It appears we are pretty much done repackaging swabs.  We have repackaged just over 80 million swabs without a single complaint since that project began in July 2020.  Now that the world is doing so much less testing for COVID, they have an excess of inventory and won’t need any more swabs repackaged.  XXX did say that they are projecting a slight bump again in the Fall and will definitely reach out to us if that happens.  In the words of our main contact there, “You have proven yourself to be our go-to company for labor projects, so if more swabs are needed, or if there are other labor-intensive projects, everyone here knows to call Volk first.”   To hear that from a multi-billion company with over 100,000 employees is a testament to the great work of the folks at Volk Paxit.


Fortunately, there are quite a few projects underway at Volk Paxit and several more just awaiting a green light, so we are optimistic that Paxit’s best days are still ahead of it.


  1. Don’t forget to sign up for your back massage on May 26.