home-boxVolk Packaging designs, manufactures and distributes high quality corrugated and foam products including shipping containers, inner packaging and stock boxes throughout New England.  Volk Packaging is a third generation family owned and operated business offering the service and attention not available from the large paper companies.  Anyone can sell a corrugated box or foam packaging, Volk Packaging offers much more than that.  The Volk team has dedicated associates servicing customers beyond all expectations. At Volk Packaging, customer service starts with the Volk family.


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Now offering a complete line of stock boxes and packaging supplies, with FREE DELIVERY (to most parts of New England) with a $500 order. shop-now-button



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Derek’s outBOX September 3, 2020
Derek’s outBOX September 3, 2020 1. Senator Collins is arriving at 11:45am. Lunch will be at noon. We will be passing masks out for everyone. There may be media coverage so to avoid any hassle from the COVID police, it is best that everyone wears a mask. 2. We are very close to the XX contract. One thing the contract talks about is confidentiality. Since we had not seen a contract until...
Derek’s outBOX AUGUST 24, 2020
Derek’s outBOX AUGUST 24, 2020 1. The main XX project began today. We are still without a contract, but they keep promising me that they are “working on it.” ….. (a special thanks to Brian Beaulieu for coming in on a Sunday morning to pick them up). So, by the end of this week, we will have XXX, 57% more than we committed to for the entire month! 2. Today we are assessing what we will...
Derek’s OutBOX AUGUST 14, 2020
Derek’s OutBOX AUGUST 14, 2020 1. HOLY COW!! What a week!! We received XXX and they will all be shipping out this afternoon thanks to the most incredible team effort that I have seen in my 30+ years working at Volk Packaging. The closest thing I could compare it to is the Send.com project in 1999. But this one was an even greater accomplishment because so many people had to step up to make...
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