home-boxVolk Packaging designs, manufactures and distributes high quality corrugated and foam products including shipping containers, inner packaging and stock boxes throughout New England.  Volk Packaging is a third generation family owned and operated business offering the service and attention not available from the large paper companies.  Anyone can sell a corrugated box or foam packaging, Volk Packaging offers much more than that.  The Volk team has dedicated associates servicing customers beyond all expectations. At Volk Packaging, customer service starts with the Volk family.


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Now offering a complete line of stock boxes and packaging supplies, with FREE DELIVERY (to most parts of New England) with a $500 order. shop-now-button




Recent Posts

Derek’s outBOX – May 3, 2021
A friend of mine, who works for the investment firm Edward Jones, has offered to present a free virtual class for Volk Packaging. The class will be through ZOOM.  We will air it in the conference room at Volk Packaging if anyone wants to attend.  She is doing 2 classes so everyone can choose the time that works for them.  It will take about an hour.   This is a volunteer activity so it will...
Derek’s outBOX – April 28, 2021
There is a lot happening here at Volk Packaging these days, especially with our associates. Between all the new Volk team members and the temps that come and go, and the Volk Pack fulfillment center moving to Sanford, I am struggling to figure out how to stay in touch with everyone.  There is an app that I would love all VPC associates to sign up for.  It is a simple video app you download...
Derek’s outBOX – April 16, 2021
  Statistic: US producers made 4% more cardboard in 2020 than the previous year due to higher demand for shipping boxes. Might not sound like a lot, but that increase is equivalent to 477 square miles of corrugated board, enough to cover the area from Portland to Wells! For all of those with volkboxes email addresses, PCG is starting to send out alerts to change your password. Due to...
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