Volk Packaging Corporation -Led By God. Managed by a family that cares for our customers, co-workers, and community. Making boxes while making a difference.


Volk Packaging is a third-generation family-owned and operated business offering the service and attention not available from other large paper companies.

Anyone can sell a corrugated box; Volk Packaging offers much more than that:

  • Custom packaging design
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Stock boxes and packaging supplies
  • Exceptional customer service

At Volk Packaging, customer service starts with the Volk family. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Derek’s outBOX – 8/2/22

Derek’s outBOX – 8/2/22 We are having a contest to help us create a new logo for Volk Paxit. Due...

Derek’s outBOX – 7/15/22

Derek’s outBOX – 7/15/22   The city of Biddeford, and their efforts through The Heart of Biddeford, recently won a...

Derek’s outBOX – 5/16/22

Derek’s outBOX – 5/16/22   Today is an historical day at Volk Packaging. Mike Allen was hired on August 5,...

Derek’s outBOX – 5/11/22

Derek’s outBOX – 5/11/22 I have Sea Dogs tickets for the weekends of May 20 and May 27. Reach out...

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