Derek’s outBOX September 3, 2020

Derek’s outBOX
September 3, 2020

1. Senator Collins is arriving at 11:45am. Lunch will be at noon. We will be passing masks out for everyone. There may be media coverage so to avoid any hassle from the COVID police, it is best that everyone wears a mask.

2. We are very close to the XX contract. One thing the contract talks about is confidentiality. Since we had not seen a contract until this week, we didn’t know about that. However, going forward please refrain from mentioning X by name. You can tell people we are XX but avoid mentioning X.

3. Here is an estimated schedule for the new flexo

• Sept. 4: The Chinese from JS Machine arrive in Boston
• Sept. 8: The machine begins to be taken from the crates and assembly starts!!
• Sept 8-11: Prep work, Set the rails, Hoist Printer.
• Sept. 14-22: Setting up the rest of the machine and getting it settled.
• Sept. 22-25: Connect electrical components, Check die-cutting unit, check folder-gluer section, Power on, Check functions of feeding unit, printing unit, slotting unit, die-cutting unit, and folder-gluer section. Test everything under power.
• Sept 26-Oct 7: Safety operation training and test running of orders, BEGIN RUNNING TRIAL ORDERS!
• Oct 7 to 14: Machine acceptance. Running it, training, making sure everything works, going through checklist, fix any issues, final sign-off. BEGIN RUNNING ACTUAL FULL ORDERS.
• Oct. 14-21: It takes about 1 more week before orders can be RUN A FULL SHIFT!
• Oct 21-Nov 30: It then takes about another 2-4 weeks before Volk employees will be comfortable enough to RUN A FULL SHIFT on our own.

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