Derek’s outBOX-October 29, 2020

Derek’s outBOX
October 29, 2020

1. The latest data on the Community Support Week has 75% of pledge cards turned in and a total raised of $15,529!! AND WE ARE STILL at 100% PARTICIPATION!! We have 18 cards to go.
Yesterday’s winners of the $50 gas cards were Brian Beaulieu, Jimmy Williams, Libby Comings and Marcus Haden.

Be sure to go to the Corrugated Pumpkin Patch in Maine Box today to claim your pumpkin with a prize on the back from lottery tickets to a Day Off with Pay.

2. We got some potentially good news yesterday, the Grower’s Express building, next to our old building, is now back in play. It has lots of space and 4 loading docks, so we are really hoping to secure that space.

3. Interesting fact, my father pointed out that we did 46 times more business in the first 4 weeks of October than we did in all of 1968. October is almost definitely going to be a record sales month, in 2020 of all years, so thank you all for your hard work!

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