Derek’s OutBOX October 27, 2020

Derek’s outBOX
October 27, 2020

1. We had a terrific first day for our annual Community Support Week! After just one day, we received 65% of all the pledge cards and, even more incredibly, we have already raised over $13,000 with an amazing 100% participation! That is the most money we have ever raised for Community Support Week and we still have 35% of the cards still not completed. We have NEVER had 100% participation so GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

2. Congratulations to Jeremy Poitras for winning the Day Off with Pay!

3. Yesterday we ran the very first actual order on the J.S. Flexo!! We had a few glitches but that was to be expected and it was nothing serious.

4. We are excited to announce the hiring of an Inside Sales Rep to help us grow our business in 2021 and beyond. Corey LaPlume will be starting Monday and will begin with training, so you will probably see him in the plant and offices soon. I appreciate everyone being helpful to Corey.

Michael Forbes and Touch of Ginger (3-1 odds) is the first horse to leave the starting gate.



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