Derek’s OutBox-October 21, 2020

Derek’s OutBox 
October 21, 2020

1. Congratulations to Dana Bowdoin, Dylon Mills, Ernest Niyonzima, Darcie Binette, Mary Theriault, Will Chase, Mike Johnson, Mike Peterson, Josh Samuelson, Brian Griffin and JS’s Evan Clary for going skydiving with me. I look forward to taking more VPC associates next year. You can see all the pictures on our Facebook page.

2. Congratulations to Michael Forbes and Steve Kearney for having record months in September. Both are also headed toward a new record in October! In fact, Mike is on pace to break the all-time single month record set by Russell Schmelzer in October 2016.

3. Starting next week, we will be doing our annual Community Support Week. Once again, our efforts and fundraising will go to The Travis Mills Foundation and House in the Woods. We look forward to a fun week and we hope to get a lot of support for these amazing organizations helping veterans.

4. You may have heard a rumor that we are looking for space. That is true. We are trying to find a building to rent for the fulfillment work and storage of finished goods. There is not a lot of space available, but we have a couple of good potential buildings we are considering.

5. Christmas is not that far away. It falls on a Friday this year. In thanks to the hard work you have all done this year, we will be off on Christmas Eve as a paid holiday.


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