Derek’s OutBOX July 8, 2020

Derek’s OutBOX
July 8, 2020

• The new name of these memos will be Derek’s OutBOX, a title submitted by Russell Schmelzer.

• Now that we know the machine is on the ocean and approximately when it is supposed to be in Boston, they sent us the rest of the “tentative” schedule after that. And it is on the Ever Living not the Ever Lasting. If anyone is interested in following its travel, send me an email and I can send you the link. It is currently in South Korea.

• From docking until release by Customs is usually 7-10 days. For us, that means arrival in Biddeford some time the week between Aug. 12-17.

• It usually takes 7-10 days to set the machine in place so that gets us to some time between August 21-31.

• There is about an additional 10 days to continue setup of the machine before it will run boxes. This gets us to some time between September 5-15.

• There is about another week of setup before the machine will start running full orders. At that time frame, we won’t see any actual orders off the machine until Sept. 15 at the earliest, early October if ANY of these estimated dates are not hit.

• Generally, it takes about 1 more week before orders can be run for a full shift, putting us until the middle of October before it will run a full shift of boxes.

• It then takes about another 2-4 weeks before Volk employees will be comfortable enough to run a full shift on their own. So, we are looking at some time around November 1 to November 30 before we are able to run a full shift on the new flexo.

Trust me, no one on this planet is more disappointed than I am that this machine will not be running until almost exactly a year from when it was originally promised. The amount of money this has cost us is more than I dare to calculate. But there is nothing we can do about it now, so we need to make the best of it and hope we don’t run into any more major delays.

Thanks! Derek

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