Derek’s OutBOX July 29, 2020

Derek’s OutBOX
July 29, 2020

1. The pandemic and the guidelines around it seem to be in a constant state of flux. What is logical and based on “the science” one day is often adjusted a few days or weeks later. We started creating policies and company guidelines back in April. Today’s environment, concerns, fear, and science are very different. As all those things change, so will our policies. Please keep this in mind when you see something happen that is not the same as it was 2 weeks or 2 months ago.

2. The new date for the VPU Lunch and Learns is this Thursday, July 30. We will provide food and show some videos so you can learn and earn VPU credits. Please sign up with Kara or let your Supervisor know that you would like to attend.

3. Regarding the big XX project, we will be meeting on Friday with the VP of XXX. We will have a better idea where it is going, hopefully, after that meeting.

4. Sales in July were down about 4%. Obviously, I hate seeing any sales number that is less than the previous year. However, given the crazy world we are living in, being down 4% vs 2019 is not too bad.

Thank you all!


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