Derek’s OutBOX July 14, 2020

Derek’s OutBOX
July 14, 2020

1. Our machine is currently in the middle of the ocean. It is scheduled to be at the Panama Canal on July 25.

2. We are looking forward to the first cookout of 2020. It is this Friday and will include the hot dog eating contest between Dylon Mills and Jeff Labelle. If anyone would like to challenge the winner at the next cookout, please let me know.

3. For those of you who may be interested, my son Dylan is doing a live webinar at 3:00pm today and 6:30pm tomorrow about his life with autism. You are welcome to join us to watch it in the conference room. Trust me, Dylan’s story is very interesting, and he has some unusual perspectives on autism and on his life.

4. Sales in July have been lackluster. Not awful but not as strong as June. There is no need to panic as July is never as good as June.

5. I know I haven’t been talking about Corona lately but with many states seeing large increases in cases, hospitalizations and deaths, I want to remind everyone that we should continue to do most of the protocols we set up during the height of the pandemic. Please try to physically distance whenever possible, wash your hands regularly, wear masks if talking with someone at close range and just be generally aware that this virus isn’t going anywhere soon so we need to remain vigilant.

6. Lastly, I had mentioned that we were switching IT firms. This has led to literally a dozen emails and texts asking me for the contact information of the new company. To be clear, we have not switched over yet. We are still with XXX until at least August 1. Trust me, when you need to know the new company’s info, we will share it with you.



Yesterday at the golf tournament for House in the Woods, we sponsored the face masks

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