Derek’s outBOX -December 22, 2020

1. Today we are announcing our new PTO policy.  As many of you are aware the State of Maine passed the Earned Paid Leave Law that requires us to update our PTO policy.  Although our current policy meets some of the legal requirements for 2021, there were a few parts of our policy that did not.  Therefore, we had to adjust our policy to be compliant with the State of Maine law. This new policy will be effective on January 1, 2021.  Please review the policy and submit any questions you might have to Atoka or Tori Beal.  We will organize the questions and provide a Q & A Sheet to everyone as soon as possible.  In order to provide a quick turnaround to your questions prior to the new year, please submit any questions by December 29. 

2. We will be bringing a photographer in tomorrow to take photos for our website which will be rolled out at some point after the new year.  Mainly we are looking for “action shots,” but I wanted you to know why someone would be taking pictures tomorrow.  If anyone would not like their photo taken, please let Amy know at 

3. Yesterday was the largest single sales day in company history!  This would not be possible without the hard work and incredible effort of every single person in the building, and the sales department.  I am pretty sure our banker thought I was nuts when I told him at the end of August, when were down $1.2 million dollars, that I had confidence we would finish the year ahead of 2019.   He said, “You only have 4 months to go.  If you can pull that off it would be a remarkable accomplishment!”    We will end 2020 well ahead of 2019, so feel free to dig out those 11/12 tee-shirts that made me sick to my stomach back in May. 😊   What you all have done is nothing short of remarkable!  And yes, I am confident we will finish 2021 ahead of 2020. 


Corona humor never gets old. Haha.

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