Derek’s outBOX-December 16, 2020

  1.  want to remind everyone that the Christmas Party is Friday at 11:00am. It won’t be the same as usual because of COVID but we are going to try to make it as fun and festive as possible.   


  1. Check out this pie chart from the Wall Street Journal. According to this, after the health care workers and people in long term care facilities are vaccinated, we are next in line!  Essential workers, which include everyone that works at Volk Packaging, are second in the order of priority when it comes to the COVID vaccine.  I have read a lot about it and I feel very confident to take it and I encourage everyone else to get the vaccine as well.  I cannot require you to get the COVID vaccine.  However, I can, and will, require you to wear a mask at work, indefinitely, if you do not get vaccinated. 


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