Derek’s outbox-December 11, 2020

1. The photo below is Newcorr after their big expansion. The addition was just under 40,000 SF. In total the building is now just over 185,000 SF. This will allow them to store around 3,400 full rolls in total. This is an increase of about 1,500 rolls of paper. Hopefully COVID will be behind us soon so we can begin planning another field trip to Newcorr for everyone who was not working here when we went in 2019 or missed the trip. It is an impressive operation that will give you a better understanding of how corrugated is made.

The lightest part of the roof is the expansion

2. The Christmas party will be next Friday at 11:00am. Because of COVID it will be different, but we are hoping we can make it as festive and fun as possible. We will start by serving lunch to everyone which you will take back to your workstation or find an open spot to hang out as long as you are not in a large group. Once everyone has their lunch there will be some announcements, followed by the drawing of names. When your name is drawn you will come to the table we will have set up (location to be determined) in order to pick a goodie bag. Goodie bags will contain a collection of small gifts, as well as an envelope with a cash prize ($5 to $500!) or even a day off with pay. We hope everyone sticks around for the party because you cannot win if you are not here.

3. We are seeking nominations for Klutz of the Quarter. If you know someone on the Volk team who has done something clumsy, send me the info and a name so we can pick a winner.


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