Derek’s OutBOX AUGUST 5, 2020

Derek’s OutBOX
AUGUST 5, 2020

⦁ The new flexo is due into Boston at 6:00pm this evening. We have a meeting with JS tomorrow morning to discuss the next steps including installation and training.

⦁ As you may have seen on the TVs, I am taking a group skydiving on Saturday, September 12. If any VPC associate would like to come, just let me know, it is my treat so don’t worry about the cost.

⦁ We are still in the running for the XX. Stay tuned.

⦁ Kevin will be hosting a VPU class about box styles. He will discuss the different styles, why some customers get one style vs another, and advantages and disadvantages to various box designs. I encourage you to sign up through your supervisor or Kara. The classes will be held August 26. I hope we have a great turnout!

Thank you all!


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