Derek’s outBOX AUGUST 24, 2020

Derek’s outBOX
AUGUST 24, 2020

1. The main XX project began today. We are still without a contract, but they keep promising me that they are “working on it.” ….. (a special thanks to Brian Beaulieu for coming in on a Sunday morning to pick them up). So, by the end of this week, we will have XXX, 57% more than we committed to for the entire month!

2. Today we are assessing what we will need for help from the Independent Contractors. We decided that, if we need help beyond who we have at Sterling, we will start with associate spouses and family members. Amy will be in touch if there an opportunity to XX. I have no doubt there will be in the future, but I am not sure we will need extra help this week.

3. I thought I would give everyone a quick update on the Sales Horse Race Contest. At this time, no one has left the starting gate. Until the machine is in place it is hard to get customers to buy new print plates. I assume the horses will start moving in September. Stay tuned for updates.

4. Just a reminder that on Wednesday Kevin Shea will be hosting his VP University Class about box styles. It is a terrific course and will give you a great understanding why we recommend certain design styles over others. I encourage everyone to sign up for it. Classes will be at 7:00am, 9:00am and 3:30pm.



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