Derek’s OutBOX AUGUST 14, 2020

Derek’s OutBOX
AUGUST 14, 2020

1. HOLY COW!! What a week!! We received XXX and they will all be shipping out this afternoon thanks to the most incredible team effort that I have seen in my 30+ years working at Volk Packaging. The closest thing I could compare it to is the project in 1999. But this one was an even greater accomplishment because so many people had to step up to make it happen. We are blowing the minds of the people at X. They are extremely impressed. So much so that they are sending us ANOTHER X PALLETS. We are picking the first 6 up today and they will bring down the extra 4 pallets on Monday. If anyone has a family member interested in doing some work, please see Amy who is over in Maine Box or email We will need all hands on-deck to get them done by Wednesday afternoon when they have to be ready to ship.

2. We did such a fantastic job on the 13 to 12 project they have told us, verbally, that we are definitely getting the contract for the main part of the project which could last years!! I asked her yesterday if she is telling me to go ahead and hire people because I cannot hire people for a project that we may or may not get. She said, “I am not telling to hire people, I am begging you to hire people.” We have committed to XXX per month, but they would like us to do XX per month. Yikes!! We are hiring 7 people full-time and will have temps to balance off the new Volk crew. This work will, mostly likely, be done down at our rental space at Sterling Rope. In addition to this being great for Volk Packaging, we are now making an even more significant impact in the fight against COVID-19. You should all be proud of that. We are definitely on the front lines of this war now.

3. As if nothing else is going on between the new flexo and the XX, yesterday I was told that the solar project we have been working on for almost 2 years is a go! Beginning some time in mid-September we will have a company here installing approximately 77,000 square feet of solar panels on the roof of the new part of the building. This will not only be great PR but it cuts our energy costs by a huge amount, reduces our burden on the grid, and we will be providing discounted electricity for the Biddeford Middle School helping all the tax payers of Biddeford. A win all around! So much winning!!

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