Derek’s OutBOX AUGUST 13, 2020

Derek’s OutBOX
AUGUST 13, 2020

1. FFG Update: The first 2 containers of the new flexo arrived yesterday. We have 4 more containers arriving today and another 4 tomorrow. After that we are on hold until the Chinese arrive on Tuesday, September 8. You can go take a look but there isn’t much to see as everything is in wooden crates.

2. We have been feverishly working on the first XX project. We have a big crew of people counting XX as fast as possible. We have X pallets to do and have ready to ship no later than tomorrow afternoon. That is XX boxes of swabs with XX inside each. If you are not the Rainman, that is almost X in just 3 days! We are seeing this as a bit of a test. We are hoping if we prove what we can do in 3 days, they will finally give us the contract for major XX project.

3. We are getting terrific feedback on the 5 Year Club party. If you are a 5 Year Club member, please let Kara know if you can attend.

4. We had an emergency order for XX. They called Russ on Saturday. Newcorr sent the board in on Tuesday and we delivered 2 full trailers to X yesterday. That is just freakin’ amazing! I know Russell wants to thank everyone, and I do, too. Nobody services customer like we do, period.

5. In the last week or so we locked up the business at both XX and YY to 3-year contracts!!

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