Derek’s OutBOX AUGUST 10, 2020

Derek’s OutBOX
AUGUST 10, 2020

1. The new flexo has cleared customs! The first container is due to start arriving in Biddeford on Wednesday. A company in Maryland called NCM is providing the crew to start assembling the machine. The Chinese trainers are leaving China for Istanbul, Turkey on Thursday, August 20. They land in Boston on September 4. We are finally making some real progress!

2. We know that everyone will be eager to see what is happening as the machine starts getting assembled. However, due to the concerns for your health, as well as the health of our visitors, we want to limit the people in the new machine area. We will be putting down some tape marking the areas which will be acceptable for people to view the new flexo. Please do not go beyond those marked areas. Also, anyone in the JS Area (now formerly known as Green Mountain) must wear a mask.

3. After 3 weeks of hard work and strategic planning, it appears we are getting some of the XXXX business! Many of the details are yet to be determined. They are hoping we will eventually XXX per month! We are not sure how we will do that but, if anyone can do it, I am confident Volk Packaging is the company who can. If you know of anyone available to work on site or from home, we need to hire people. Please have them email for initial screening.

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