DEREK’S COVID19 MEMO: 5/21/2020

1. As you may have heard, the CDC announced last night that it is “very unlikely” COVID19 can pass from human to human through touching surfaces. We still feel it is best, for now, to continue disinfecting surfaces from shift to shift and when using multiple touched objects. We have remained COVID free thus far, so the good news is we don’t have to be so panicked about everything we touch but caution is smart to wipe things down while the virus is still spreading. Face masks are also sketchy as to the value of them but, again, safe is better than sorry so we urge everyone to at least have a mask in their pocket and to throw it on when in close contact with others. In the end, nothing works better than frequently washing your hands, limit touching your face, and the best protection of all, social distance. The virus cannot travel far so staying 6’ or more from others is your best defense against COVID19.

2. Business is starting to pick up a little, but we still have a lot of customers struggling so it won’t be back to what it was for a while. That being said, I met with every sales rep last week for our Monthly Updates and there is a lot of confidence among our customers that, once the world opens up again, their business will come back strong. While it stinks to see some of the dollars we are shipping these days, it is great to hear such positive feedback from our customers.

3. If you get a chance tomorrow or over the weekend, check out the Heroes Wall. We are adding 35 new tiles today!

4. We have some optimistic news from China. We have been concerned about how JS would get people here to assemble the machine and train us. The U.S. recently opened up travel from Ireland, Netherlands and Iceland. So, the plan is to send their team (probably 5 people) to one of those countries for 2 weeks of quarantining. After that they will fly to Boston. When they land, they will immediately be tested and then sent to a hotel for 24 hours pending the results. Assuming they are all COVID free, they will come to Maine. When they get here, they will, technically, be the safest people in the building as they will have been tested and determined to be healthy. In fact, they are extremely anxious about coming to the United States because in China they are seeing very few new cases but with all the new testing we are doing, our cases are going up every day. Our JS reps have explained to them that what they are seeing on the news about NY, NJ, Detroit and Chicago is a very different kind of place than Maine.

5. We have seen increased activity in the gym. Please be sure to wipe down machines and weights after using them. There are sprays and wipes in the gym, please use them. We love you all but no one wants to sit on a bench covered in sweat.

6. We have been working a long time to make this announcement, we have our JS Flexo crew! It will consist of Jeff LaBelle as the lead operator along with fellow operators (everyone on the new machine will have to be able to be lead operator), Jeremy Williamson, Jorge Agosto and Tyler Janelle. We expect the existing flexos to be in operation for a while (we don’t know how long) after the JS is up and running so we do not have any details on where everyone will go once the S & S flexos start going out of service.

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