1. We will be having a VP University class next Thursday, June 18. Times are to be determined based on sign up numbers. Professor Doug Hellstrom will be doing his class called “VPC by the Numbers.” The class helps you better understand what goes into the price of a box and how your job impacts pricing. Sign ups will be available or tell your supervisor that you would like to attend the class. It is a terrific class, and a required class for your Associates degree, so I hope many of you will sign up.

2. The World Health Organization has changed their positions again, on a number of issues. Last week was the report that showed “by just touching a contaminated surface, it is unlikely you won’t get the Coronavirus.” It is not impossible but the odds are low that it was sitting on a surface, then you touch it and it actually comes off the surface and on to your hand, and then you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. They announced yesterday that most masks are basically useless unless there is 3 layers of fabric. A medical grade mask or a mask with 3 layers is helpful to stop the spread but anything less is not effective. Today they made an announcement that “asymptomatic transmission of the Coronavirus is “very rare.”

All that being said, we will continue to follow the protocols we have set in place. We have had great success keeping everyone safe so let’s keep up the good work!

3. As part of the re-opening process, we will be opening the lobby to guests. Each VPC associate can decide for themselves if they are comfortable with a face-to-face meeting.

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