1. Our finance company had some issues with the paperwork last week, so the machine did not ship as planned. We are really hoping they get it straightened out and it leaves China this week.

2. Our Sales Derby Contest officially begins today. We still have a lot of people who haven’t placed a bet. We’ll extend the betting to the end of the week. Make sure to grab a sheet to place your bets. You literally have nothing to lose so you may as well throw the $100 Derek Dollars on a horse and see what happens.

3. Congratulations to 1st Shift Chair Race Champion, Dawson Desrosier. Watch Volk Packaging’s Facebook page later today for the excitement of the 2nd shift races.

4. We are going to begin working on the next newsletter. Amy will be around looking for info and pictures of your kids, graduation photos, etc. We look forward to sharing any and all good news about your families.

5. Lastly for today, I want to address what has been happening across our country the last few days. What happened in Minnesota was horrific, there is no excuse for it. There is also no excuse for the burning and looting of innocent people’s stores, cars, and police vehicles. As many of you may know, my son-in-law is a police officer and my middle daughter’s serious boyfriend is black. We worry about both of them. This whole thing hits close to home for us. I want to be very clear to everyone here at Volk Packaging. Whatever you may feel about this situation, at Volk Packaging, it is not about us against them. It is about all of us doing the right thing and caring for the people around us, the ones who are similar to us, and the ones who are not. We will have zero tolerance for anything less.



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