COVID19 MEMO: 5/5/2020 – CINCO de MAYO

1. Sad news from a customer. Tasman Leather, formerly Irving Tanning, is closing for good, putting 115 people out of work. They will be around until sometime during the summer and then they will shut down. This is the final nail in the Maine tannery industry’s coffin. This is unfortunate for Maine.

2. Good news – After further review, analysis and discussion, we have decided to re-instate the 401k match. At some point we may have to stop the match for a while but, for now, we have decided we don’t have to cut it yet.

3. Tonight, we will be watching a live video, from China, of the new flexo! Hopefully everything will look good and we can approve the machine for shipment.

4. Thank you! We have maintained our business throughout this pandemic with (knock on wood!) no COVID19 cases. That is a tribute to the steps we have taken but, more importantly, the steps you all have taken to follow the new policies. I realize that it has not been easy but your social distancing, machine cleaning, hand washing and other policies and procedures that have been implemented has, without a doubt, limited the likelihood of an outbreak here at Volk Packaging. It hasn’t eliminated it as there is always that risk but doing what you have been doing, and continue to do, has kept us all safe, healthy and servicing our customers. You all should be applauded for that. You are showing the people of Maine, except apparently the Mainer in the Blaine House, that businesses can be open and maintain a safe environment.


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