COVID19 MEMO: 5/18/2020

1. It is with great excitement that I tell you the new JS Flexo Folder Gluer has been approved via a virtual running last week. They are packing it up as we speak, and it will hit the ocean on May 26. It generally takes about a month to travel from China. It could get delayed a little bit in customs but hopefully not too long. Our best estimate, as of today, is a mid-July arrival.

2. The conveyor and infrastructure work is starting to take shape nicely so feel free to go check it out when you have a minute.

3. With the postponement of the Summer Olympics, I came up with a fun contest the whole company can compete in. I am calling it the PRINT PLATE HORSE RACE. We have a lot of print plates that need to be ordered for the new flexo. …… So, we will have a contest to encourage the sales reps to get paid for JS flexo plates. Basically, each sales rep will be jockeying a horse. Each horse has a name and odds it will win. The odds were set by the sales reps themselves (without realizing what they were doing so there is no bias). The VPC Bookie, Kara Beal, has betting sheets. Everyone will get one. It includes all the details. It is simple to do and costs nothing to play. Bets must be in by the end May 29.

4. Some of you may have heard that I was looking at a die-cutter last week. I know how rumors fly. After a great deal of thought, consideration, and consultation from a lot of people, I have decided not to buy it. It was a 1996 WARD, 4 colors. The machine ran well but buying a 25-year old machine is not the direction this company is going. We are going into the future not back into the past. When we are ready, we will buy a die-cutter that takes us forward.

5. We received a delivery of 2,000 masks so we have enough masks for everyone who wants one. Ask your supervisor if you want a mask. Again, we encourage masks be worn whenever you cannot social distance for 6’ or more. Our goal is to continue to keep you all healthy so please wear a mask when talking to someone within 6’. If not to protect yourself, to protect your-co-worker.

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