COVID19 MEMO: 4/30/2020

1. I was on a conference call with the Department of Economic and Community Development yesterday. At this time, we are not required to make masks mandatory. However, we may decide to require masks at some point. If you are not in favor of wearing a mask, which I assume most of you are since hardly anyone is wearing one despite me recommending it several times, please understand that if we make them mandatory it is to protect your fellow associates. If we can continue to do a good job social distancing, wiping down multiple person touch areas and washing hands regularly, we shouldn’t need the masks. That being said, I have some masks here at Gary’s desk and we have a delivery of 2,000 masks coming in next week so if anyone wants a mask, we will have enough to provide you with one. If anyone has any thoughts about masks, please feel free to share them with me. Your input matters.

2. Also, during that call, they said we are not required to follow the state’s checklist to remain open. As I suspected, because we were already classified as essential.

3. Just a reminder, again I am not trying to minimize anyone’s death, the state of Maine currently has 33 people, in the entire state, in a hospital because of COVID19, 33. And we have now had 51 deaths, statewide. That is a mortality rate of 0.00003%. So, let’s try to keep things in perspective. Utah, long known as the most business-friendly state in America, has had 41 deaths. They didn’t shut down a single business. And yet they have less deaths than Maine and we are shut down until at least July. Come to your own conclusions based on that data.

4. We have had a couple of pretty good booking days today so hopefully as business opens in our neighboring states, business will pick back up again. Remember the good ol’ days, back a whole 8 weeks ago, when we complained about lead times being too long and too much overtime? Hopefully those days will come back sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we have to take steps to make sure we come out of this healthy, so you all have jobs. I have taken a step to personally cut back. It starts with me. Until further notice, we will be suspending the 401k match. When things pick back up, I hope to make it up to you.

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