COVID19 MEMO: 4/27/2020

1. I have no idea when the Governor is going to open the state, and apparently neither does she, but I can tell you that people are ready. I am hearing more and more people that have had enough of this Shelter-in-Place and want to get back to work. Vulnerable people will still have to be careful, but it is time to open many parts of the state back up. Maine has most definitely flattened the curve with fewer and fewer new cases every day. And there are still many parts of Maine that have experienced almost no cases and no deaths. Hopefully the Governor and her advisors will realize it is time to stop punishing people in towns like Milo, Rumford, and Fort Fairfield because there are still a lot of new cases in New York, Detroit and Chicago.

2. As things settle down in the crazy new world we are living in, I am finding that some days I don’t really have much to report. Your time is valuable, as is mine, so I will probably start moving this daily meeting to 2 or 3 times a week. If things come up that I feel I need to share I will come out more often but for now it doesn’t seem necessary. I will continue to pick a Volk Virus Giveaway winner every day.

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