COVID19 MEMO: 4/24/2020

1. Great news: We got our first order for XXX yesterday. They are opening May 18. They are saying they have enough orders to make up most of the time they lost being closed. Every day they are adding 1,000 people to the waiting list!

2. You may have heard that our Governor spoke yesterday about opening the state of Maine and she said basically nothing. She has no clear plan so it gave Mainers almost no guidance as to how or when we will move forward. I want you all to know that we do have a plan. We are not sitting around wondering what is happening and how to move forward. We understand what we are up against and have a good handle on how we will proceed. While we have no idea how everything will play out, we are confident we will be ready to face it head-on.

3. The new VPC Handbook is done and available on our website. Go to the bottom of the Home page and click Employees. The password is volkhandbook2020. There are some changes so please read it over. You will be asked to sign a form saying you received the new Handbook. You are responsible for reading it. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them for you. In order to save money and a lot of paper, we will not be printing the new Handbooks. Ask your supervisor if you would like one printed out.

4. I am not sure if you saw this yesterday, but the President’s Task Force is saying that heat and humidity definitely impact the potency of the virus, especially on non-porous surfaces. Heat and humidity significantly cuts the half-life. Half-life tells you how long it takes to cut the potency in half and how long it takes to decay. For example, if you see the half-life of the virus is 18 hours it means if a sample of the virus has 1,000 particles, in 18 hours there will be 500. And 18 hours later it will have 250 particles. As you can see below, the half-life reduces dramatically in heat and humidity. As you can see, it also varies between being on surfaces and being in the air.

5. If you have not be over to the other side of the building (still known as the Green Mountain area until the new machine is here), they are pouring the floor today for the new flexo. If you have a minute, go check it out. The new scrap system project will begin next week. We will also be cleaning all the floors and ceilings to prep for the new JS showroom. The conveyors will be going down soon. I have been in touch with JS almost every day. Progress continues on the flexo. They are working 2 shifts just on our machine and plan to do some test runs this weekend.

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