COVID19 MEMO: 4/23/2020

1. More good customer news. XXX is selling mask shields for the front line workers and waterproof paper for signs needed at hospitals.

2. Also, Chuck will be back taking inventory at XXXX on Monday.

3. There is Childcare money available from the government for anyone who is essential and has had childcare costs. I am not sure of the details so see Atoka for more info or email, text or Facebook me and I can send you the info. We still have the offer on the table to take care of your babysitter costs. This government benefit may be better.

4. I know I sound like a broken record but it is so critical that we remember to keep a good 6-8’ away from others, even in a quick conversation, because it only take a moment to pass on the COVID19 virus. And we encourage you to wear masks. Many companies, and even many states like NY, NJ and CT are making them mandatory. We may get there, too, depending on what happens when they open the country again. If there is a surge here in Maine, we will make a decision on masks if needed. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to get used to wearing one when within 10’ or so.


Brian Boilard, Sue Deragon, Neil Browne and Chris Cameron

Stay safe everyone.


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