COVID19 MEMO: 4/16/2020

1. XXXX is starting an online store. They are hoping to start shipping starting next week. We did five different sample boxes for them. XXXX also received an order from Shop & Stop For 500 displays of XX so Mike ordered 1000 displays on Tuesday.
2. As you may have seen on Facebook, tomorrow morning at 10:00am I am doing our first ever Webinar. It is called BOX 101 and we have 40 people signed up! That is amazing after I told Kara last week that if we get 4 I’ll be happy, but I am predicting 3.
3. We are planning some VP University classes, in small groups, in the conference room. We’ll buy you a lunch or have some snacks. If we do 4 or 5 people, max, we can still maintain social distancing while also learning. Watch for sign-ups coming soon.

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