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Derek’s outBOX – May 3, 2021

A friend of mine, who works for the investment firm Edward Jones, has offered to present a free virtual class for Volk Packaging. The class will be through ZOOM.  We will air it in the conference room at Volk Packaging if anyone wants to attend.  She is doing 2 classes so everyone can choose the […]

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Derek’s outBOX – April 28, 2021

There is a lot happening here at Volk Packaging these days, especially with our associates. Between all the new Volk team members and the temps that come and go, and the Volk Pack fulfillment center moving to Sanford, I am struggling to figure out how to stay in touch with everyone.  There is an app […]

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Derek’s outBOX – April 16, 2021

  Statistic: US producers made 4% more cardboard in 2020 than the previous year due to higher demand for shipping boxes. Might not sound like a lot, but that increase is equivalent to 477 square miles of corrugated board, enough to cover the area from Portland to Wells! For all of those with volkboxes email […]

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Derek’s outBOX – March 29, 2021

  I would like to apologize. The problem is that I am not even sure who I am apologizing to.    We have been growing so fast and hiring so many people, plus bringing in temps, that I no longer know everyone’s name and face. And the masks make it even worse.  So, if I introduce […]

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Derek’s outBOX – March 22, 2021

  Some people have asked me about the masks. I was really hoping that with the warm weather arriving we could ditch the masks.  However, the state and the CDC are still recommending mandatory masks.   As soon as the Governor lifts that for Maine, as they have done in dozens of other states with much […]

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Derek’s outBOX – March 15, 2021

First of all, I am feeling better every day. Thank you all for your well wishes.  I do appreciate it.   It is nice to be back at work.   I’ve missed seeing everyone.   We are currently looking for at least 9 people. Some of the needs are on 1st and some are on 2nd.   We […]

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Derek’s outBOX-February 10, 2021

Congratulations to the 29th Annual VPC Pool winner Kyle Dembrowski. It is Kyle’s first VPC Pool Championship.   The 30th annual VPC Football Pool will start again in September.  All are welcome to play.      We continue to be an essential business in the fight against COVID. We just sold boxes to the RI Department of […]

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Derek’s outBOX – February 3, 2021

There has been some interesting industry news that could positively impact Volk Packaging. A competitor sold their plant and the new owner is walking away from some of their business.   Some of those customers are calling us, which provides us a nice opportunity.   Also, another competitor is telling customers their lead-time is 3-4 months!  That […]

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Derek’s outBOX -January 27, 2021

We have another case of COVID so we are starting to be hit pretty hard. This means everyone needs to be extremely careful and follow all the protocols.    I have said this many times, but it is worth repeating, YOU are your best defense against getting COVID.    I want to make something very clear […]

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Derek’s outBOX-January 22, 2021

Happy National Polka Dot Day! ::::::::::::::::::::::: : The winner of the Polka Dot Day competition is Libby Comings!!   The Horse Race Competition is heating up. Brian is still in the lead with 9, followed by Russ and Steve at 7 and Shane with 4.    Volk Packaging has been named the Biddeford/Saco Chamber of […]

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