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THE VOLK PACKAGING HEROES WALL is intended to honor all men and women who have served or currently serve our great country in the Armed Forces.  Anyone can put their loved ones face and information on the Heroes Wall.  ALL PROCEEDS from the VPC HEROES WALL will be given to the Biddeford/Saco/Old Orchard Beach VFW.  
Here is how it works;
*  There will be 2 sides to the wall, with 8.5″ x 11″ tiles.
*  The tiles are $150. A small portion goes to Get Etched to create the tile and the balance is given to the VFW.
*  We will soon have a form on our website which will allow people to submit the information, attach a photo and pay for a tile.
*  The tiles will be adhered to the wall when we have built up enough to do the project and the Maine weather is cooperative.
*  The wall will sit on the lawn at Volk Packaging at 11 Morin Street, Biddeford, Maine.  All are welcome to visit at any time, day or night.
*  Anyone, from anywhere, can put their loved one’s face and information on the wall.  You do not have to be from Biddeford/Saco/OOB.
*  The photo can be a current photo, a photo with the family, a photo during their time in the military, or whatever else the tile sponsor chooses.
*  The grand unveiling of the Heroes Wall is June 6, 2018 at 3;00pm.,  All are welcome to attend.
If you have any questions, contact Derek Volk at or (207) 571-5511.
We are actively seeking corporate or private sponsors to help make this wall a reality.  We are hoping, in time, to have multiple sections.
For $2,500 your company or family name can be the primary sponsor to one side of a section of wall.  This sponsorship puts your company name, permanently, along the entire top of the wall.
For $500 your company or family name can be a sub-sponsor to one side of a section of wall.  This sponsorship puts an 8.5″ x 11″ tile, permanently,  along the top row of the wall. Limited to 12 per wall section.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or you know someone who might be interested, please contact Derek Volk at or (207) 571-5511.
NOTE:  VOLK PACKAGING, the Volk family or anyone involved with the company receives, keeps and/or gains no monetary income from this wall.  Our reward is honoring those who have served. 

Reserve A Tile

Volk Packaging Corporation Military Veterans: Name, Branch of Military, Rank Service, War Time
  • Karl Morlock, Air Force Airman, 1st Class E-4, 1961/1965 Vietnam/Guam
  • John Jeffers, Marine Corporal, E-4, 1967/1971 Vietnam
  • John MacLean, Air Force E-4, 1968-1972, Vietnam
  • Neil Browne, Army Private E-3, 1966/1967 No War Time
  • Mike Johnson, Navy Seaman, 1983-1986
  • Shawn Dubois, Army National Guard Specialist E-4, 1980/1985 No War Time
  • Gary Nadeau, Air Force Sr. Airman E-4, 1980/1984 No War Time
  • Mike Forbes, Navy GSM 2 Petty Officer 2nd Class, 1993/2001 Croatia/Kosovo



Michael Forbes in the U.S. NAVY
Volk Packaging would like to honor and salute those Volk Team family members who are serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces.  Freedom is not free, it comes at a great cost.  We all need to thank God every day that people are willing to pay that price so we can live in peace.


Master Sergeant Harry G. Dumont
Atoka’s husband
Maine Army National Guard 33 years military service
Operation Desert Storm – Saudi Arabia 1990
Maine Military Funeral Team – for active and retired decease
Shawn Dubois, Army National Guard Specialist E-4, 1980/1985                                                                                                                                                            
Army Sgt. Parker Tootill
Glorijane Winslow’s brother
2 tours in Iraq
Also John Jeffers who served in Vietnam


Gary-NadeauGary Nadeau
Gary has been with Volk Packaging since May 2000. He has been working as a Plant Supervisor for the past several years.

This photo was taken in 1980. Gary was an Aircraft electrical system specialist. He was stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.




Karl-Morlock-in-Guam-1964Karl Morlock
From 1961-1965 he was serving in the United States Air Force as an Airman 1st Class E-4.  Karl was in Guam with the 29th Munitions Maintenance Squad.   THANK YOU for your service, KARL!! 

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